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IATSE Local 212 serves many of the best theatre, production companies and scenic shops in the Southern Alberta Region. We provide the crews that build, set up, run, and tear down the biggest shows in Calgary. From building internationally acclaimed sets for Broadway and touring productions as Wicked and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at F&D Scene Changes, crewing productions at both of Calgary's regional theatre companies, Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary, to setting up the shows and manning the stage at top concert events in the Scotiabank Saddledome and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Our members are ready to bring their expertise and professionalism to any production. We also have collective agreements representing employees of the Calgary Opera and the Alberta Ballet.

How to apply for Stage Caucuses

Use our Applications page to view the various Caucus options and determine which is the right fit for you. We have full details on the Requirements, Tools (if applicable) and Education requirements.


To SUBMIT questions or your application please contact

Stage Dispatch - How it works
Stage Permittees: The Union operates a dispatch system based on qualified seniority. The seniority number is based on a person's induction date into the Union. Qualification is determined by the Departments, based on testing, certification etc.

Here is how it works:
A Head of Department on a production informs their Production Manager that they require a certain number of crew, and then the production calls the Union and places a 'Hall Call' for the required number of crew persons. The Dispatch person goes to the department list and phones those people who are listed as 'available', in order of their seniority number. This availability designation is up to the members and permits to keep up to date. You can do this on the secure website within your My Availability page on your profile or by phoning Stage Dispatch @ 403-212-0383.

The allowed time for individuals to respond to the call is as follows:
  • Calls placed more than 72 hours in advance of the call: A member/permit has 6 hours to respond or they relinquish their right to the call.
  • Calls placed 24 to 72 hours in advance of the call time: A member/permit has 2 hours to respond.
  • Calls placed less than 24 hours in advance: The first available member/permit reached in person shall be offered the call.
It is essential for people to respond to the calls as quickly as possible whether or not they want the job. This frees up the Dispatch person to proceed down the seniority list to fill the positions in a timely manner. All Hall Calls are placed by seniority in the above manner. In the event that there are no members to fill the position, the Dispatch person will proceed to the permit list. There is no seniority to the permit list. A Department Head may request any permit over another permit. If none are specified, then Dispatch will call the permits in a rotational order, trying to make sure everyone gets a chance to work.

You can enhance your chances of working by:
  • Being reachable. Have an answering machine or pager. Carry a cell phone.
  • Checking your messages frequently.
  • Updating your availability as soon as you have finished work on a project.
  • Taking calls. Be as available as you can for short notice calls.
  • Being a valuable worker. Update your skills. Work cooperatively without attitude.
Information regarding our Stage Agreements is private and secured via login.
Please click the following link, login and you will be able to view the current Stage Agreements for our Union:
Stage Departments
Basic Tool Requirements
All Caucus 2: General Stage Depts
  • Head Carpenter
  • Carpenter Crew
  • Head Electrician
  • Electrician Crew
  • Head Fly Person
  • Fly Loader
Properties (Props)
  • Head of Properties
  • Properties Crew
  • Head Rigger
  • Ground Rigger
  • High Rigger
  • Head Sound
  • Sound Crew
  • Head Wardrobe
  • Stitcher
  • Milliner
  • Wardrobe Crew